Databases by Botanical Technologies

The following is a selected listing of databases that Botanical Technologies/Tony Morosco has had a hand in programing, developing, maintaining, and supporting. Please note: Tony is not an employee or stockholders in FileMaker Inc.

Specialties include programming multi-user interactive databases for biological, photographic, geographic, and business information using LAMP, MySQL, FileMaker Server/Pro, PHP and other platforms.

  1. Plant Information Records System (PIRS)
  2. Open source database template, tracking living collections and related materials.

  3. University of California at Santa Cruz Arbortum and Botanic Garden- Plant Information Records System (PIRS version 3.5) database
    Relational Database rebuilt from BG-BASE and expanded to track living collections of a 135 acre botanical garden.

  4. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- Plant Information Records System (PIRS version 3.0) database
    Relational Database rebuilt from BG-BASE and expanded to track living collections of world-class 52 acre botanical garden.

  5. San Francisco Botanical Garden- Strybing Plant Information Records System (SPIRS)
    Relational Database rebuilt and expanded to track living collections of world-class 55 acre botanical garden.

  6. Jepson Herbarium Weekend Workshops Database
    Relational Database for tracking Workshops, Enrollments, Students, and Payments for Jepson Herbarium Botanical Workshops. Includes features such as invoicing, generating email lists based on enrollment, ability to wait-list, enroll, and reserve enrollments.

  7. Conservatory of Flowers- Accession records for specimens
    Relational Database to track living collections, built on the framework of the SFBG Database above.

  8. Professional Photographer's Model Manager
    Built for a professional photographer for use by talent scouts to track prospective models, appointments, and details.

  9. Calflora Database
    Relational Database with information on all species of plants found in the wild of California, featuring data integration from hundreds of contributors and multiple agencies.

  10. San Franciscion Botanical Garden- Slide Collection Database
    Database of 5,000+ images scanned from slides deposited at the San Francisco Botanical Garden library.

  11. CalPhotos Database
    Photo database of California and other wildflowers, integrated (and then de-integrated) with the Calflora database (above).

  12. Oakland Wildflower Show Database
    Label generating and specimen tracking database supporting a educational wildflower show, with all specimens collected from the wild of California.

  13. East Bay Rare & Unusual Plants Database;
    Database to track Rare and Endangered plants of the East Bay, including multiple observations, summary information, and reports for publication.

  14. East Bay Flora Checklist
    Database to track the floristic inventory of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, and produce reports from database that resulted in two published editions of the checklist.

  15. California Botanical Society Membership Database
    Database for tracking membership and subscription status for a organization of 200+ members

  16. University and Jepson Herbarium Scientific Library Database
    Database for cataloging, tracking, and searching the Herbarium Library

  17. Jepson Herbarium Reference Collection Database

  18. Specimen And Label Accessions Database System (SALADS)
    Database for tracking, cataloging, and printing labels for herbarium vouchers (dried pressed plants for scientific study)