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Database Examples

·         Plant Information Records System (PIRS)
Creating an open source database template for Botanical Gardens Collection Management
This full curatorial database tracks accessions, names, specimen locations, photos, beds, accession tag, public label orders, and many other details. Offers full feature set to streamline best management practises, taking advantage of volunteer assistance, and generates flexible and useful reports with ease. This is a multi-user network available database, with options for enabling a "live" public web interface of collection data.
Cross platform (Mac & Windows) database, available as a FileMaker Pro template

·         Plant Finder
This public interface searches the San Francisco Botanical Gardens- Plant Information Records System database (SFBG-PIRS), returning common names, plant locations, notes, photos, and other details from the SFBG Plant Collections Management Database, grouped by plant name. Staff can limit access to plant location data for sensitive taxa. The PlantFinder also delivers appropriate content to iPhones and smartphones. PHP scripts integrate with FileMaker Server 13 to retrieve and format content. This is a live example that connects directly to the SFBG curatorial databases.

·         Quick Location Check- Used by San Francisco Botanical Garden to update plant locations records while in the Gardens using iPhone or smartphones. Integrates web PHP scripts with FileMaker Server 10 backend database. This is a static example output from the PHP scripts


·         Professional Photographer's Model Manager- Built for a professional photographer for use by talent scouts to submit and track prospective models, appointments, example photos and details. Includes dynamic content generation through AJAX database calls (hover over names or alphabet for examples).

·         Geotagged Photos + Google Maps Mashup - Live Extract of Georeferenced (GPS) Coordinates from EXIF/IPTC Tags in JPG photos, then displayed on a Google Map; Photos are automatically geotagged when taken with a Nikon P6000.

·         Other Database Examples by Botanical Technologies.